Beyoncé was born in September 4, 1981 in Houston Texas with her real name Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. Since she was a child, she loved music and got involved in singing and dancing competitions. Beyonce started signing with the R&B girl group Destiny's Child by late 1990s, and she started to gain fame.



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Beyonce is one of the most well known singers and celebrities around entire world, she made remarkable tracks on which she won several Grammy awards, she have recorded more than dozen albums. Her voice is one of the purest and most astonishing ones out there. She was born in Houston, Texas in 1981, she was first introduced herself to singing through her childhood group that bore the name Destiny's Child that was formed of her cousin and two other classmates, after that she decided to start her solo career, and the latter was started with the “Dangerously In Love” album which sold big numbers that allowed it to reach number best-seller at that time. After the success in the field of singing, Beyoncé decided to join acting, and that decision was successful as well, she had starred in various movies like Dreamgirls, Obsessed and Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: Wubb Idol

Beyoncé now has a record of 5 studio albums and about 66 Singles, The first album as we have said earlier was Dangerously In Love which sold over 11 million copies worldwide and it is considered her best selling album, the others have only sold from 8 million to 5 millions worldwide.

Aside from singing and acting, Beyonce has many projects for people who are interested in fashion. If your are familiar with House of Dereon, you should know that it belongs to Beyonce and her family. She also contributed in many commercials and events that were held by other companies in the same field or even other fields. The point is that Beyonce Knowles becomes successful wherever she went and whatever she did, well, except one little detail.

Beyonce was criticized for performing private concerts, and especially the ones that were held for people with power such as president Obama and the late Libyan president Al-Qaddafi, the latter took place before the Arab spring and exactly in 2010 whereas the former was only in 2013. Beyonce was trashed by the media and some of her fans that she calls The Bye Hive. But she quickly fixed things up by donation the whole money she earned from Al Qaddafi concert to the victims of earthquakes. As for the incident with Obama, Beyonce never talked about it in public.

Regardless on these things that can be regarded as bad or good endorsing the latter with the argument of “She is free, she can do whatever she wants’, Beyoncé really did things that deserves to be respected for, assuming of course you have no respect for her. Just recently she performed at School Fundraiser and she proved to be a caring and loving human being towards children, the surprise appearance have stirred controversy in Media, some said that she did it because her little girl attends the school, other have simply stated that it was charity.

The performance was staged and not at all boring, there were backdancers and a whole stage set for the singer just like every other concert or live show she holds.

Beyoncé's debut album in 2003 has reached a tremendous success and sold over than 11 million copies worldwide, and nominated for 5 Grammy Awards. The second solo album of Beyoncé was released in 2006, and it wasn't less successful. Only in its first week, it sold over than 540.000 copies in US.

In 2008, Beyonce released her third album 'I Am ... Sasha Fierce' on which she earned 6 Grammy Awards. Her album is influenced by her marriage to singer and producer Jay Z. In 2010, Beyonce took a hiatus and explored different musical styles including rock and roll, R&B, African and funk. And the exploration appeared in her album "4" released in 2011 that was affected more by R&B sound.

In 2010, Beyoncé appeared on Forbes magazine as one of the most powerful women in the world, and also appeared on the list of high earners. In 2011, she ended her business relation with father Mathew Knowles' as her manager. In 2013, Beyonce appeared among 100's most influential people in the world in Time magazine list.

On private life, Beyoncé gave birth to her daughter from husband Jay Z in January 7, 2012, whom they name Blue Ivy Carter.

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